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Hailed as “The Sound Designer’s Secret Weapon” and reviewed as the best general library available, the Hybrid Library was designed to be your go-to for daily use – a reliable source of creative fuel to help you finish projects faster and produce better sound. Through the Freelancer Program, you can get the Hybrid Library for just $1,995 (reg. $3,995).


  • 63,000+ broadcast .wav files (350GB)
  • $1,995 Freelancer Price (reg. $3,995)
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“ The effects are quality recordings, with a very low noise floor, and often have a variety in the takes, so you can find the distance, speed, and duration of the effect to match your project … But the real draw is the variety found within the catalogs … There is literally no way freelancers will go without the sound effects they need when they purchase the Hybrid Library. ”

GEORGE PETERS from Sound and Pictures

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